About us

Athletifire – The Martial Arts Network



Athletes grow better, together.



Our mission is to connect and support Martial Arts Enthusiasts around the world, achieving excellence as top athletes and creating successful brands.

With a growing list of users in one connected environment, businesses and athletes can directly interact with each others. Martial Art can grow because Athletes and Business get better connected together.




A crazy and talented crew

The Captain:

I’m Stefano Scandola, creator of Athletifire. I’m a martial arts athlete and trainer with over 20 years of experience. I chose martial art as a way to overcome my comfort zone and to push myself to achieve more…. Ok, to be honest… I started martial arts because of the action movies.

I believe in team power to succeed in sport, as a team that is built on shared goals, support and fun will lift everyone up. I was missing a way to connect easily martial arts people using a unique online platform where they could find many tools to get better together. So, I decided to create Athletifire to encourage martial art enthusiasts and businesses to interact with each other and to share knowledge to improve personal performances, at any level of dedication.


The Crew

Jack – Martina – Giulia – Pamela – Joris


What a name… 

Athletifire = Athletify + Athlete on Fire


People get inspired and become athletes.

Urban Dictionary definition: to make someone athletic who is usually a couch patato.


(Athletes on Fire)

Athletes grow as unstoppable champions.




Athletifire, a Scka Weapons service.