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Kaizenkai Open International Martial Arts Summer camp 2017

August 25, 2017 at 6:00 pm - August 27, 2017 at 4:00 pm

Kaizenkai Open International Summercamp 2017 in Stockholm, Sweden.

Dates:Friday to Sunday, 25-27th of August 2017.

What? Training of Martial Arts in a beautiful natura with famous masters from different Martial Arts in Åkersberga, Stockholms archipelago close to the Baltic Sea, just 30 km north of Stockholm.

2,5 days of excellent training in Okinawa kobudo, karate, judo, jujitsu, aikijutsu, iaido & battojutsu and BJJ for both beginners and advance under guidance of many great masters! You can train only one day, over the weekend or all 3 days after your choice of Martial Arts and the master you like to train with. All these masters will show you their best techniques ever!

The masters and instructors:

* soke Leif Hermansson, 10 dan hanshi karatejutsu and Okinawa kobujutsu, Okuden in Hachimanryu battojutsu and Mugairyu iaido, promoted in Okinawa

* sensei Olof Dahlstedt, 6 dan jujitsu

* senpai Olga Hermansson, Menkyo in Hachimanryu battojutsu and Mugairyu iaido, promoted in Okinawa

* sensei Petri Tabell, 5 dan Gojuryu karate and 3 dan Okinawa kobujutsu

* senpai Anita Baumhöfer, 4 dan jujitsu and aikijutsu (Ger)

* senpai Julia Mazur, 2 dan in Shitoryu and Wadoryu karate. A karate kata champion!

* Maria Shkvarunets, World Juniors Sambo champion, European IBJJF champion, World UWW Grappling champion, World WTKA Grappling champion etc. (RU)

Place? We will train at our Hombu Dojo, Kaizenkan with address Hackstavägen 9, Åkersberga, 30 km north of Stockholm in Stockholm archipelago and with nice weather outdoors close to the Baltic Sea there you can swim after the training if you like.

For whom? For both beginners and advance there you can train one day or over the weekend in different groups.

Program Schedule:

FRIDAY, 25th of August:

10-16 Stockholm Sightseeing.
Start from the Dojo at 10 AM. We will also eat lunch together at some nice restaurant in Stockholm city.

18-20 Training at the dojo
20.30 Sauna and Dinner for the masters and instructors at the home of soke Hermansson

SATURDAY, 6th of August:

10-13 & 15-17 training with all the masters in different groups.

17-18 Gradings

19… BBQ at Brevik with the Baltic Sea. If rain we will eat the dinner at some nice restaurant in Åkersberga.

SUNDAY, 7th of August:

10-13 & 14-16 training with all the masters in different groups.

Applications no later 15st of July by e-mail to: [email protected]

Applications fee (only for non-members): 200 Sek or 25 euro pp to pay with your application. The members of WTMAS or Kaizenkan have not paid the applications fee.

Admission Fees (for everybody):

For training in Friday: 300 SEK (40 euro)

For training Saturday or Sunday: 500 SEK (60 euro).
There will also be a special children group both in Saturday and Sunday 10-13. Training only in this group will cost 400 SEK a day or 700 SEK for both days.

For all 3 days: 1100 SEK (120 euro).

Applications and/or admission fees no later 15 of August to Kaizen bank account: Nordea Bank: Kaizen Plusgiro 433 649-1 IBAN number: SE61 9500 0099 6026 0433 6491, BIC: NDEASESS

Gradings: On Saturday at 17.00, there are possibilities for everyone to make a grading in karate, Okinawa kobudo and iaido in all levels.

Your diploma will be signed by all the masters on the seminar. Grading fees are not included in the admission fees (you will see the grading fees on: http://www.wtmas.org).

Bring your own weapons for kobudo or iaido if you will train with them. If you don´t have any you can use ours.


We have a transport service for those of you who will come to Sweden by flight (Arlanda airport, Stockholm) or ship from Balticum or Finland. Just let us know when and where we can pick up you to the seminar!

How to get there from Stockholm?

By you own car with E18 to the North to the direction to Norrtälje, after 15 km from Stockholm take right to Åkersberga, or by local train (Roslagsbanan) from Östra station with Technical High School Underground station in direction to Österskär, stop in Åkersberga station there we can drop you up if we know when you will arrive.

From Arlanda Airport it is easy to take taxi to the dojo or hotell.

If you are not living in Sweden, please come one or two days before or stay after the seminar, if you like, to go to the down town of Stockholm to see Wasa ship, The Old town, Kings Castle etc. Stockholm is a very beautiful city and the capitol of The Kingdom of Sweden!

Where to stay?

You can sleep at home if your home is close enough, or at the dojo in your own sleeping bag for free, or at a new built hotel at Åkersberga Shopping Center (www.publichotel.se)

Phone: +46 8 – 55 80 9000 for specialprice: a singel room 760 SEK (85 euro), double room 920 SEK (100 euro) and trippelroom for 1080 SEK (120 euro) for one night/room inch breakfast.

These are the seminars for everyone, both the beginners and the masters who like to learn more to be better in his or her own skills. Professional teaching for small groups in nice and relax atmosphere!

More information if need by e-mail: [email protected]



August 25, 2017 at 6:00 pm
August 27, 2017 at 4:00 pm
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